October 16, 2017

Located in a building that dates from the late 1700s, Hotel Pigalle is a fresh addition to the Hotel scene in Gothenburg. Inspired by the sinful Paris of the early 1900’s Pigalle offers a luxurious feeling and exquisite decor.

tusenö pigalle hotel göteborg

Located on the ground floor of the Hotel is Amuse Bar, slip in for a cup of coffee or better up, wait for the After Work on Fridays, you will have a good time.

pigalle tusenö göteborg

pigalle restaurante tusenö afterwork

Looking for a good meal? On the top floor you have the restaurant Atelier. With an ever-changing menu focused on ingredients and seasonal flavors they offer great food and a terrific surrounding.

tusenö pigalle breakfast brunch

Staying in the hotel? Do not miss out on the breakfast. It’s definitely among the best in Gothenburg.


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