Mesh band adjustment

Adjust the size of your mesh band is not harder than Lift - Shift - Press. Get your strap changing tool and follow the steps below.

Adjust Mesh band

Step 1
Position any end of the strap changing tool in the slot on the clasp. Lift the bar in the direction facing away from the straight pin.

Adjust Mesh band - Step 1

Step 2
Shift the adjustable buckle to the desired position. 

Adjust Mesh band - Step 2

Step 3
Press the slotted clasp closed. Done!

Adjust Mesh band - Step 3

Tusenö claims no responsibility for improper installation that results in damage to the watch, strap or clasp or any other material and/or personal harm of any type. If in doubt, we suggest consulting a local watchmaker or jeweler to properly install the strap/clasp for you.