Change strap

Changing the strap on your Tusenö First 42 is easy, just be careful while handling the strap changing tool, we don’t want you to scratch the case!

Note: Remember that the strap with the clasp always is placed on the top side of the watch.

Step 1
Make sure to have your tool, watch and extra strap on a clean flat surface and in a well lit room, to make the change easier.

Change Strap - Step 1

Step 2

Gently place the pronged side of the strap changing tool between the attached strap and the lug, push the spring bar towards the middle, this will loosen the strap from the watch.

Change Strap - Step 2

Step 3

Remove the strap from the watch and repeat the procedure with the other part of the strap.

Change Strap - Step 3

Step 4

Place the new strap between the lugs. Gently push the spring bar inwards with the tool and slide it into place. Check so that the strap is firmly fasten before use.

Change Strap - Step 4
Step 5


Change Strap - Step 5

Tusenö claims no responsibility for improper installation that results in damage to the watch, strap or clasp or any other material and/or personal harm of any type. If in doubt, we suggest consulting a local watchmaker or jeweler to properly install the strap/clasp for you.

Watch Size Guide

Watch Size Guide

The Tusenö First series come in two different sizes, ensuring you to get the absolute best fit for your wrist.
Unsure of which size fits you the best? We have created a size guide so that you can try them out right away. Just follow the link below.


Printable guides

Size guide US/Canada: Letter
Size guide non US/Canada: A4