Adjust mesh band size

When you receive your Tusenö First timepiece with a mesh band attached to it, it might på to big and you have to adjust the size – no problem.
Have a look at the video below for an easy step by step guide. Note that the tool in this video is not included with your watch and it works perfectly fine with a smaller screwdriver too.


Adjust mesh band size

Adjust the size of your mesh band is not harder than Lift - Shift - Press. Get a strap changing tool (not included) or something similar and follow the steps below.

Adjust Mesh band

Step 1
Position any end of the strap changing tool in the slot on the clasp. Lift the bar in the direction facing away from the straight pin.

Adjust Mesh band - Step 1

Step 2
Shift the adjustable buckle to the desired position. 

Adjust Mesh band - Step 2

Step 3
Press the slotted clasp closed. Done!

Adjust Mesh band - Step 3

Tusenö claims no responsibility for improper installation that results in damage to the watch, strap or clasp or any other material and/or personal harm of any type.