Change Clasp

Step 1
Make sure to have your strap changing tool, strap and clasp on a clean flat surface and in a well lit room, to make the change easier.

Change Clasp - Step 1

Step 2
With the round side of the strap changing tool, press the pin that attaches the clasp and strap inwards, this will loosen the clasp from the strap.

Change Clasp - Step 2

Step 3
Remove the clasp from the strap.

Change Clasp - Step 3

Step 4
Reverse the steps to put the clasp on to another strap.

Change Clasp - Step 4

Tusenö claims no responsibility for improper installation that results in damage to the watch, strap or clasp or any other material and/or personal harm of any type. If in doubt, we suggest consulting a local watchmaker or jeweler to properly install the strap/clasp for you.