Step By Step

1. Choose customer number range – Please note that customer number is not the same as the individual number of the watch.
2. Press the “PRE-ORDER NOW” button.
3. Fill in all the necessary customer information on the “checkout page” and complete your payment. Please note that all payments will be made in Swedish Kronor and in the latest currency exchange rate. Additional VAT and Taxes may occur outside of the EU.
4. You have now successfully reserved your Tusenö Blackwater. Congratulations!

When pre-ordering your Blackwater watch you will be charged 50% of the total cost as a reservation fee. This is a non-refundable charge that insures you one of 300 individually numbered watches. The remaining balance will be paid when the watches are ready for delivery.

During the pre-order period there will be four different price ranges depending on how quickly you reserve your watch. After the pre-order period Blackwater will be priced at 10.000 SEK.

Pre-order price ranges

Customer number 1-50 7500 SEK
Customer number 51-100 8000 SEK
Customer number 101-150 8500 SEK
Customer number 151-300 9000 SEK

The preliminary delivery date is set to Q1 2019. Please note that this may change. You will get all information and updates along the way.

All potential refunds are processed in Swedish Kronor. We are not responsible for any shifts in currency exchange rates that have occurred between purchase and possible cancellation.

Please note that all pictures taken are of samples, small design changes can still be made before production is started, but nothing major.