Our best selling model Shellback is back for pre-order.

Based on feedback from 350+ customer reviews (scoring 4.7/5) we have refined an already perfect model and made it even better.

Production has started. Limited quantity. Estimated delivery end of 2024.

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Each pre-order includes a Shellback V2 and a complimentary rubber strap of your choice.

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Let's dive into the details



Shellback excels in both daytime and nighttime aesthetics. The hands, dial, and bezel are generously filled with Swiss BGW9 SuperLumiNova, ensuring exceptional legibility in low-light conditions.

On the date versions, we've added a thoughtful touch by applying luminova around the date window. This not only enhances visibility but also maintains a harmonious and uniform look across the watch face.


The initial iteration of Shellback, featured the Ronda R150 movement – an excellent and dependable choice. However, we acknowledged that this movement might not be as widely recognized among watch enthusiasts, which led to questions from our valued customers. Despite the solid performance of the Ronda R150, we listened to our community.

For the second version, we decided to implement the well-known and trusted Sellita SW200 movement. This move not only addressed our customers' queries but also allowed us to further enhance the useability of the watch as it is even more simple to service now. Remarkably, our skilled watchmakers managed to maintain the same slim profile as the previous version, even though the Sellita SW200 is marginally thicker.

Thanks to the Sellita SW200 we also have the possibillity to make true no-date watches – in other words, no ghost date this time.

Is there such a thing as too much Super-LumiNova? We don't believe so. In Shellback V2 we've enhanced the Super LumiNova performance throughout every aspect of the watch.

One of the most frequent improvement requests by our customers has been the clasp, and in the Shellback V2, we've delivered a completely revamped solution.

This new clasp sits in much closer to the bracelet, featuring a more compact design that complements the watch seamlessly. What's even better is that, despite its reduced size, it retains a built-in extension feature with four adjustable positions, offering a total extension of 9mm, and the best part is – no tools required!

The original design of Shellback was greatly appreciated, and we've been careful not to deviate too far from its original charm. Instead, we've focused on refining subtle yet significant design elements.

On the dial, we've slightly increased the thickness of the textured outlines around the indices to enhance their visibility. The "Shellback" model name in the lower half of the dial now boasts a more pronounced curvature, seamlessly following the hollow ring of the hour hand. To improve time readability, we've added thicker 5-minute markers on the minute rail, ensuring that time-telling is even more effortless than in the previous version.

When it comes to the bezel, the sole design adjustment has been the removal of the luminova pip in the triangle. This modification grants the watch a modern and sleek appearance while maintaining the essence of its beloved design.

The highly sought-after blue and black versions of Shellback return with a V2, but we've added a dash of excitement with two brand-new editions.

The first edition showcases a stainless steel bezel with a semi-matte white dial, complemented by dark gray hands and an eye-catching contrasting orange seconds hand tip, as well as model name printing.

For those who crave an air of stealth, the second edition offers a DLC black finish with a circularly brushed ceramic bezel, a semi-matte black dial, dark gray hands, and striking red model name printing on the dial.

These new additions bring fresh perspectives to the Shellback collection, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your style and preferences.

Do you consider yourself to have good eyesight? 👀
We have implemented our symbol "The Guiding Light" into the dial, can you spot where?


For the seasoned sailor, the term "Shellback" likely resonates and may even describe your own maritime journey. Earning the prestigious Shellback title is a testament to one's ability to confront the perils of the deep sea and successfully cross the equator. In the modern era, this achievement may seem relatively manageable, but in days of old, it was a difficult task.

The term "Shellback" draws its roots from the legendary toughness of a turtle's shell, symbolizing the tenacity required by sailors to traverse the equator. Inspired by this maritime tradition and the unwavering spirit it embodies.


Pre-order opens 24th of April at:

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Production is already underway with set and limited quantities. Estimated delivery is end of 2024.

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Each pre-order includes a Shellback V2 and a complimentary rubber strap of your choice. Remember to add the strap to your cart during the pre-order and apply promo code SBV2. Straps can't be added once the order is confirmed.

Cancellation of a pre-order comes with a fee of 1500kr / €150 / $150, deducted from your refund.

Please note that pre-order prices are only valid for a limited duration. Pre-orders will remain open until all watches in this production are sold out.