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For countries within EU price include a ~25% VAT.

This VAT is deducted on orders outside of the EU which is why price might seems better is USD than EUR.

Yes, the currency is based on your delicery country.

SEK in Sweden
EUR within EU
USD for all other countries

Price within EU include ~25% VAT which is excluded for order outside of EU.
This is the reason why price might seems "better" in USD than EUR.

We currently offer free shipping worldwide on all watches (not straps), VAT is included on all purchases within the European Union.
However, VAT, additional duties, import taxes, customs or brokerage fees may be subjected to all international orders upon delivery.

Please contact your local customs office for more information.

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To receive pre-order updates you need to be a subscriber to our newsletter – with the same email address you used when placing the pre-order.

You can read the ETA (estimated time of arrival) on the collection page or the product page.

We use broad timeframes initially. A more accurate timeframe will be announced to buyers as soon as parts have passed the first QC (quality control) and we move on to assembly – or have to remake/refine some parts.

We are known for good quality, shortcuts won't favor anyone in the long run.

To shorten the wait we usually begin production a couple of months prior to the pre-order opening.

This means that the number of colors of each model is set.

When a pre-order watch is sold out it means that the pre-order is full and and all watches are reserved.

From time to time, there can be cancellations. In case of a cancellation the watch will be re-stocked and available to everyone.

There is no waiting list, or restock alert for a canceled pre-order.

A fee is charge to cover the transaction cost, you can read more about the cancellation fee on the bottom of this page « Shipping and Returns »

Yes, we have tested the 50/50 approach but it's too time consuming (and a bit of a struggle) to collect the final 50% before shipping.

Time is better spent to optimize the packing and shipping process.

The perk of signing up to the interest list is to get the best price possible when we open the pre-order.

We will gradually increase the price to the regular price as we get closer to have the watches available for immediate shipping.

In case you missed to add the free tropic rubber strap we will add it for you manually.

Orders including a Shellback V2 Blue will get a complimentary blue tropic rubber strap.

All other Shellback V2 colors will get a free black tropic rubber strap.


Read the « Owner's Manual » to find out how to properly handle the Ronda R150 and the Selitta SW200 movement.

Yes, the bracelet comes large enough to fit any wrist.

We always suggest you take the watch to your local watch store to avoid scratching the bracelet when resizing.

That being said, it's a screw link bracelet and easy to resize if you have the right tools.


You are not the first to ask, visit our « Mecha-Quartz Guide » for a proper introduction.

For a beginner this one can be a bit tricky – the first time, later you will love how simple it is and how elegant it looks, visit our « Butterfly Clasp Guide »

Yes you can and it is super easy, we have put together a short step by step guide – visit « Adjust Mesh Band »

No worries – the time, hour, minute and right sub dial runs all the time. The seconds hand and the left sub dial runs for 60 minutes when you press the top pusher. You can read all about the movement in your « Owner's Manual » or see our « Mecha-Quartz Guide »