UPDATE #4 – The symbols and markings on the dial are inspired by design elements found on sea charts. For example the seconds indicator is a mixture of three different light house characters (solid, intermittent and flash).
UPDATE #3 – Originally we developed a flat beads of rice link for Shellback but pretty soon we felt that this was not right and instead started designing a flat, edgy link.
UPDATE #2 – Back in 2015 Tusenö launched the First series through crowdfunding. That ended up being the most successful campaign ever from a Swedish watch brand.
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UPDATE #1 – During 2021 the next step in the Tusenö story will be revealed. We have been working hard on Shellback since 2018 and soon we can present the complete watch for you. Just like Blackwater, Shellback will be a diver focused watch, but the design is miles apart from each other.
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