The next chapter – SHELLBACK

  • 2 min read

During 2021 the next step in the Tusenö story will be revealed. We have been working hard on Shellback since 2018 and soon we can present the complete watch for you. Just like Blackwater, Shellback will be a diver focused watch, but the design is miles apart from each other.

Even though it will be a perfect companion below the surface, a lot of focus has gone in to making Shellback a great everyday watch. More information and sneak peaks will come via email and our social media soon.



Shellback will be sold in exclusive pre-order packages and price point is approx 7000kr / €700 / $850.

The initial supply will be limited. To make sure you have a Shellback before the rest we recommend you to act quickly once released. Keep an eye on your email inbox and on our social media in the time to come.

The pre-order launch date will soon be announced.
Delivery is preliminary set to, if everything run smooth, autumn 2021. The key to a successful pre-order is transparency and in case of any delay we will let you know.



For the experienced sailor, the term "Shellback" is probably something you've heard before, and might even be yourself. To earn the Shellback titel you must face the dangers of the deep sea and cross the equator. Maybe not too hard in modern ships, but certainly a struggle in the olden days.

The word origins from the toughness of a turtle shell, meaning that a sailor crossing the equator must be as tough as one. On that basis, we created Shellback.


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