New presentation box

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With the launch of Shellback we have decided to update the presentation material of Tusenö timepieces. Previously our watches came in a wooden box – which have been appreciated for storage and as an interior touch. But, for several reasons, we have now decided to make a change.

We do this change based on two significant reasons:

  1. Climate footprint
  2. Useability
  1. The watch box we have used is made of wood – which, per say, is better than plastic but demands more material = heavier. The watch box, compared to our new presentation material, is also a lot bigger = more volume (takes more space during shipping).
    When it comes to a single shipment this doesn’t really matter that much but when you add up all thousands of boxes in a bulk order from the manufacturer or those thousands of shipments to customers around the globe the weight and volume get quite big. As a responsible brand we definitely wanted to improve this in the best way we could – without compensating on the unboxing experience. The new presentation material is both lighter and smaller but feels just as exclusive.

  2. In dialog with some of our existing customers, one wish has been to develop a more usable solution. With the new presentation box you can easily bring an extra watch with you when traveling (when traveling with more than one watch check out our 3-piece watch rolls). 

Shellback will be delivered in a 1-piece watch roll. The outside is made of cork and the inside is made of ultrasuede. Just like our 3-piece watch rolls it comes with two outer buttons that keep the watch roll closed and buttons on the cylinder inside which assure you that it stays in place during transportation.

The watch roll will be protected by an outer box in a nautical theme and our logo embossed on top. Extra straps come in a blue logo branded envelope.

All and all this box weighs about 240 grams compared to the Blackwater box which weighs slightly above 1 kilogram (again, multiply this by x thousand to understand the difference in volume and weight).
We think this is better for customers in general but the climate in particular. Win-win.

A nice extra touch is that from 2022 and forward we neutralize all our shipping emissions to customers by donating to Pachama for every order placed in our online store.

tusenö unboxing watch roll

tusenö unboxing watch roll

tusenö unboxing watch roll

tusenö unboxing watch roll

tusenö unboxing watch roll