The guiding light – Our new symbol

  • 2 min read

2020 was set to  becomethe biggest year in the Tusenö brand history. The goal was clear. All focus was on the design, development and production of automatic watches and to continue the work towards becoming the best Swedish watch brand on the market.

We had a few exciting models lined up and we were ready to start. Then the pandemic hit and everything came to a halt. The best year became the worst year in the Tusenö history.

What we have had this year though is time. Time to think and time to be creative. We will not give up, we feel stronger than ever and we cannot wait to launch our new model, Shellback to all of you. We really hope you will like it and continue to support us.

With the launch of Shellback you will see our new logo and symbol. The Tusenö logo has been slightly adjusted with a fresh and modern fontand to accompany the logo a symbol has been created – we have named it "The guiding light"

We went back to our roots and looked for inspiration in sea charts (for you who don’t know, read Our Story to understand where our name, Tusenö, got its inspiration from). The star symbol, The guiding light as we have named it, is a modified sector lighthouse indicator.

A sector lighthouse is a navigational aid that guides ships through a safe channel at night, often through shallow or dangerous waters. It felt like the obvious symbol choice and it also looks pretty good, wouldn't you say?

Shellback will be the first model where you will find the guiding light symbol both on the crown and on the case back. The sea chart inspiration did not stop there. The experienced sailor has probably noticed that the minute rail is inspired by a mix of three different lighthouse characters (single, fixed and flashing).

I must also inform you that the night glow from the lume could work as a lighthouse as well…

/Johan, Tusenö