The bracelet

Long time no see! While we are waiting for the final sample of Shellback (in production) we wanted to share some details. Are you ready for some teasers? First out is the bracelet.

Originally we developed a flat beads of rice link for Shellback but pretty soon we felt that this was not right and instead started designing a flat, edgy link.

The redesigned bracelet was much better and in many respects we were happy with the bracelet at this point. Still, here we are waiting on a big revision of the design once more.

We have focused a lot on the fit and adjustment of the watch/bracelet. Fully articulating links and a diver extension clasp means a great fit.

Another detail is the polished chamfer that runs along the entire edge of the bracelet. The polished chamfer is also found on both the buckle and the case.

The bracelet come with a quick-change function to be able to quickly switch between different straps.

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January 15, 2022

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