Ästad Vingård – the hidden gem of Halland

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Just an hour away by car, from Gothenburg and Tusenö HQ, we find Ästad Vingård. In the heartland of Halland, a relaxing place for wine and dine.

At Ästad Vingård, the alarming sounds of the city are long gone. Instead we hear sommelier Helena’s calming voice, explaining how the farm has transformed from a small-business ecological milk farm, to become one of Sweden’s most ambitious wine producers.

Ästad tusenö

Thousands and thousands of Solaris vines grows out in the field. Grapes are picked by hand during late summer or early autumn, whenever the sugar levels are low and acid levels higher. Only the best quality grapes end up in the press.

Sparkling wine is the main focus of Ästad Vingård, although the wine makers also make dry and semi-dry wines depending on the size of the harvest. The sparkling wine is fermented in steel tanks and produced with the traditional method, also known as the champagne method.

Ästad tusenö

Ästad Tusenö

Ästad Tusenö

After a delicious wine tasting we head to the open-air spa with hot tubs, cold springwater baths and relaxing saunas, including the underwater sauna.

The newly built hotel Kvarnbäcksgården houses twentyfour top-standard rooms, where every room has its own sauna. Book a suite to also get your own private stone carved bathtub.

Tusenö Ästad

Tusenö Ästad

Last but not least, we got to experience what Halland really tastes like. At night, an eleven-course tasting menu is served at restaurant ÄNG, with local produce from farms and forests around the Halland countryside.

Get free entrance to the outdoor SPA!

Use the code ”Tusenö2019” when making a reservation for a ”Gourmetpaket” at Ästad Vingård. As a bonus you’ll get a free entrance to the open-air SPA!

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